The company


Manufacturing pleasure devices:

Let’s face the fact! Not every one of us is aroused all the time and not everyone who is aroused has a sex partner at our beck and call or a companion who will be available for us to seek pleasure at our whims and fancy.

When we started out:

Three decades ago when we started out, we were a small company that was interested only in making sex toys. We wanted humanity to embrace pleasure in its rawest form. Nothing can give you more pleasure than a sexually satisfying intercourse.

Then we started making penis pumps:

And we never looked back. Our brand of penis pumps has become synonymous with the best of the quality that is available in the market today. Even though the sex toys have a niche market and the sleaze associated with the product is evident, with the beginning of our plant to manufacture the penis pumps, we entered into a respectable line of trade since we were now into the manufacturing of a medically prescribed device.

The plant was our turning point:

The setting of plant signaled our entry into the segment where we are now currently posted at number one position among all the manufacturers of penis pumps. Our state of the art factory is equipped with producing ten thousand pieces of pumps every day. We have an active research and development team who extensively studies in detail and tries to improve the model every time.

Our market research team is very active noting down reviews:

Our research team as part of its role also takes reviews and opinions in the form of active surveys on social media and is constantly looking out for the ways to understand the lacunae in our product or looking out for ways in which the product can be improved.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome:

If you have a review or a suggestion for any model of our penis pumps, we would love to hear it from you. Mail us your feedback to the email address mentioned below. If you r suggestion is incorporated in to our nest batch, you will be intimated and sufficiently rewarded.