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Compatibility Testing - Free Personal Graphology Analysis


Put The Love Affair
Back Into Your Relationship

Remember How Sensational
It Was When Your Love Affair Started?
You Can Have It Back In Less Than 30 Minutes!

"I really thought our relationship was over. I searched for anything I could find to help and I found your site. The CompataTest literally saved my marriage. It gave me an understanding of how what I was doing was being perceived by my husband and after I realized that even I would not want to live with that behavior, I knew what I had to do to make everything right again. Thank you so much for making this tool available."

Ethel B., Reading, PA

Understanding the makings of a relationship requires that you understand the third entity that you created. Not an easy task. As relationships evolve, patterns develop and when you are in the midst of it, you might recognize the pattern is there, but not know why or how to change it.

The CompataTest analyzes how two people are inclined to behave with each other because of they way they are, from both perspectives: how you affect your partner and how your partner affects you based on the individual personalities of the relationship.

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Pinpoint it - No More GuessWork

Take The Agonizing Over "What Is It?"
Out Of Your Relationship Once And For All

"My boyfriend and I had the most incredible chemistry to start our relationship but there was something I couldn't quite put my finger on that kept me from allowing the relationship to blossom. He agreed to do the CompataTest with me and the results surprised both of us. They were incredibly accurate about the dynamics of our relationship and helped me not only understand why I was holding him off, but once I understood the reasons why he did what he did that caused my feelings, I knew I could relax and let it be. I recommend it to every couple starting a relationship!"

Grace H., Los Angeles, CA

A new relationship is a "crap shoot".
They can go along just great for a while and suddenly, everything falls apart. It hurts. We learn something, hopefully, and move along to the next, never quite understanding why the last one didn't work.

The CompataTest takes the GUESSWORK out of a budding relationship. It gives you the tools to develop the "right" patterns for your relationship.


Relationships Are A Party of Three!

There is YOU, your PARTNER and the RELATIONSHIP

You might understand you and your partner might understand him/herself. You and your partner might even have a good or reasonable understanding of each other. But then, there is the relationship.

You Can Do It The Hard Way
OR...You Can Do The CompataTest

Trying to figure out what is going on in a relationship can be exhausting, painful, expend a great deal of time and energy. Relationships out of sync cause bitterness, hostility, anger and a host of negative feelings that only harm our bodies and rob us of joy.

"My relationship was on the brink of disaster. All we did was scream at each was like we hated each other. I was sick from the constant stress and trying to hold us together but feeling that it would never work. After doing the CompataTest, I felt the first sense of relief in years. The report said some of the same things my friends had told me but I just wouldn't hear. If it had not been so accurate in describing the dynamics between my partner and myself, I might not have believed it either. But, the CompataTest gave me a resolve to do what had to be done."

Bob L., Long Island, NY

You can resolve negative feelings. You can rebuild an out of sync relationship. The CompataTest gives you the understanding of where your problems are rooted in the two personalities formulating the relationship.

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Not Everyone Is Open
To Testing A Relationship

And, that is exactly why many people use the CompataTest. Because it is not like a test. In fact, the partner does not even have to participate with you to do it.

And, Not Everyone Is Open
To How the CompataTest Works

But for those who are OPEN, it can be a real EYE-Opener!

"I have to admit, I was really leary about it, but the results were incredibly accurate. It works."

Lily A., San Antonio, TX

"This is the most accurate psychological evaluation of me I have ever gotten and so comprehensive for so few questions I had to answer."

James L W., Washington, DC

"If anyone had ever told me handwriting analysis could produce such a genuine, accurate evaluation, I would have laughed at them. But this was uncanny!"

Luther H., Kansas City, KS


The CompataTest
Uses Handwriting Analysis

But, here at CompataMate, we are used to skeptics.

That is why you will find A LOT of information on the site to inform you about what it is and how it works. There is even a free personal analysis that you can do yourself right online to see how accurate the results are.

Additionally, we offer a Love Quiz, a Survey for "What Women Want in Men" that has been running for about 5 years (check out how women are answering the 10 survey questions and women, be sure to vote), and some informational articles about relationships.

2009 marks our 10th year online and we are offering a special price of only $47 for the CompataTest for a limited time. Normally, the CompataTest sells for $119, so don't miss this opportuntity for some great insight into your relationship at our anniversary special pricing.

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It is with great pleasure that I am able to bring this site to you for so many years. Thank you for helping make it a success.


Dianalyn Clayton, CGA, NLPP

P.S. If handwriting analysis is something you wish to learn, send me your feedback on your personal handwriting analysis and let me know you are interested.


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